MICHAEL PUTZELPhoto by William Geiger

Writer and editor Michael Putzel, a distinguished journalist who covered many of the greatest stories of his generation, is at work on a Vietnam war story.

After launching a “dot com” that was acquired by a larger company, Putzel returned to writing and editorial work and serves as an independent “book doctor” to help other writers put their books in publishable shape.

Books on which he worked have been praised in mainstream reviews as “a fine new biography,” “an excellent book,” and “this brilliant biography.” Four of his projects are now in print by major publishers, including Random House, University of Illinois Press and Penguin Group. Two recent retrospectives were published, one in Vietnam magazine and another as part of a book about his friend and colleague Henri Huet, who was killed in Laos in 1971. He is at work on a project that focuses on one officer in Vietnam and the men who followed him into battle.

Putzel covered the war in Vietnam, Watergate, the presidencies of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan and the fall of communism during an award-winning career with The Associated Press.

He also served as Washington bureau chief of The Boston Globe, covered the Clinton White House and started a section for The Globe on how technology is changing our lives. His weekly column, “Plugged In,” was widely syndicated through the Knight-Ridder and New York Times news services. In 1996, he left conventional journalism to help news organizations and others develop online services and to help nontechnical people take advantage of the revolution in personal technology. Putzel taught for two years as an adjunct lecturer in journalism and writing at Georgetown University.

In 1999, he launched a startup to demonstrate the economic viability of publishing information on the Web. His company, WebMilestones.com, LLC, was acquired the following year by Continental Computer Corp., which he joined as a member of the company’s senior management team. Having fulfilled his two-year commitment to Continental, Putzel has turned his extensive writing skills, research and investigative talents, and broad literary, political and business background to new editorial projects. He is concentrating on writing and editing nonfiction, including books, memoirs, history and research articles. Putzel’s interest in new media and experience in politics and public affairs make him an ideal candidate for helping communicate important ideas, whether on paper or in the more complex and versatile world of the Web.

He is married to author Ann Blackman, a former TIME correspondent. They have two grown children and live in Washington, DC.

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